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About April 11, 2010

Beverly Duhy Brown
Original Artwork – Oil and Water Colour
Commissioned Artwork

Bev Duhy Brown, born September, 1941 in Montreal, Quebec.

From an early age Bev has had a keen interest in art, drawing and creating pictures in her free time.  After retiring from her career in the dentistry field, Bev was determined to commit her leisure time to art. This initially led to creating greeting cards for family and friends and as a result started a small greeting card business.  During this time, Bev also spent much of her time caring for and nursing her daughter after she suffered severe injuries as a result of a serious car accident in Ontario.  After returning home, Bev discovered her home flooded and her greeting card business came to a sudden end, and as a result her art supplies were destroyed.

After a period of renewal, Bev decided to devote her time to her life’s calling – art.  In 200, she turned to painting full time, producing many water colour works.  She has and continues to persevere at mastering light, colour, and the scenes in her paintings. Her brilliant canvases are full of feeling and to be able to share these feelings in her paintings is a bonus.   Through her practised brushwork, and drawing from still and life experiences, she creates images where the observer can truly become one with the subject.   Bev has found inspiration traveling through Charlevoix, the Adirondacks and various visits to the Botanical Gardens.  She is known to stop anywhere, when an opportunity to capture arises.  Flowers, are a special passion of hers, and have been one of her sources of inspiration.  Today, Bev paints her art work in her home studio using water colours and oils, much of the time from her own photos. What Bev has learned and what she continues to learn is demonstrated in the current works she continues to put forward.  Her previous works led her to be elected to the Lake of Two Mountains Artists Association, where she exhibited her early paintings for the very first time.  Bev has participated in many exhibitions subsequently and is currently a member of the Hudson Artist Association where exhibits her recent works.

During these years, Bev has had the privilege of working and studying with experts in the field of art such as Helmut Gerth.  Helmut’s art is found in several museums and in private collections in Canada and the United States, including murals he created for the Trudeau International Airport.  She has also studied and worked with Marcel Kumli; Jacques Herbert; and Gisele Lapalme.

Today, Bev and her husband Bill Brown live in the small community of St. Lazare, just west of Montreal, where they have lived for many years. Their combined family of five children have blessed them with fifteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren.


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